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buy cytotec without prescription australia[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t sounds like the beginning of a great joke, “What do a Rental Property, a stripper and a Roach infestation all have in common?” I have been in the real estate business now for over 10 years and I have seen a lot. Fleas and roaches and mold ..oh my! Today’s post I am going to tell a couple roach stories for your reading pleasure. I wish I had pictures for this post, but when I encountered some of these properties, I walked in and ran back out not thinking that I would start this blog one day. There are many roach stories over the years but I will detail my favorite one for you here 🙂

Agent Kay from the Men in Black movie  said, “Imagine a giant cockroach, with unlimited strength, a massive inferiority complex, and a real short temper, is terrorizing around Manhattan Island in a brand-new Edgar suit. That sound like fun?” Swap Manhattan with Orlando, subtract the Edgar suit and you are left with how I felt after the experience I had; at least that is how I felt on that fated summer day in 2013.


buy cheap generic cytotec online canada pharmacy no prescriptionAbout a year ago I got a call to manage a property, at first I declined the business as it wasn’t the kind of property we typically deal with. However, after some arm twisting and begging by the out of country owners I reluctantly changed my mind and took the property. The property was passed to me by another local property management company with a tenant already in the property. When we received this property the tenant had not paid her rent in four months. The property management company had not taken any steps to evict the tenant with the exception of placing a 3 day notice to pay on the tenants door every month. When we took over management of the property we had to go through the entire eviction process to remove the tenant the previous property manager had placed. Through the process we found out that the tenant left this property and moved into a property that was being managed by the same property manager. She wasn’t paying rent so they moved her into this property (I suppose thinking that it was cheaper and maybe she could afford it). However, she failed to pay the mere $600 a month rent in the new property. Next we found out that she was a stripper and when we went to inspect the property upon walking in the smell of booze and weed (aka. Cannabis, pot, Mary Jane etc.) overwhelmed my property manager. To each their own but when you know that your property manager is coming for an inspection and you haven’t paid your rent in 4 months one would think that you would at least have a little respect for yourself and clean up. The property manager said there were a couple people in the property and there were roaches EVERYWHERE… I don’t know about anyone else but if I see a bug I tend to freak out not only because it is gross to think that they are running around pooping and peeing all over your house but how do you sleep at night?

I picture roaches in and out of my ears mouth and nose all night and the thought of that alone freaks me out. According to research by University of Oxbridge the average human swallows approximately 12 bugs every year while they are sleeping. Those statistics alone are enough to make me freak when I see a critter with 6 to 8 legs crawling in my air-conditioned space. I understand that bugs are considered a delicacy in other cultures but the prospect does nothing for my pallet.

Now I have shown hundreds if not thousands of homes in my 11 years in the Real Estate industry and at this point there is not much I haven’t seen. My property manager told me that the roach infestation was bad. I have heard people say that, but their opinion of what is bad might differ from mine. I’ve seen many vacant houses with a couple dozen or so dead roaches. In Florida homes, it is pretty common to see dead roaches or even a couple of live roaches here and there, especially in vacant properties. So no one is exempt from bugs down here.

I was in for the surprise of my life with this one. About a week after we evicted the tenant, the out of country owner came to town and wanted to see his property. My property manager had visited the property at the time of the eviction because she had to meet the sheriff and locksmith out at the property. She had counted the bottles of Patron and Grey Goose and there were over 40 empty bottles that were put at the curb. It was a mess. Obviously the tenant had spent their rent money on liquor. After the eviction we did not return to the property until the owner came to town.

It was a steamy Florida afternoon in the middle of July when we went to view the property with the homeowner. We arrived at the property and I proceeded to open the lockbox containing the key. I inserted the key into the deadbolt and started to open the door. As I opened the door I jumped backwards with a screech (which by the way I am a girl who loves her pink and sparkles but I’m not usually a screechy girl especially in front of clients). There were not only roaches all over the floor inside but as soon as I opened the door they were swarming all over the door frame. I was afraid to walk under the door in fear that they would fall on me and, well….ewww. So with all the class and grace I could muster up I let the owner walk in first … lol 😉 After I felt that it was safe to try to run through the door I followed in about two to three steps. Now most Floridians know that sandals can be worn throughout the year, but especially in the heat of a Florida Summer. On this particular day I had sandals on and as we walked a couple of steps into the property there was not a 12 by 12 ceramic tile on this floor that did not have a dozen roaches crawling all over it. After the second step into this property I promptly started to picture roaches all over my feet as if I was a hippy from the 70’s tripping on LSD. Needless to say I turned and ran back out of there faster than I have moved in a long time. Meanwhile flashes of the Men in Black movie moved through my mind with roaches trying to take over the world. As soon as the heat from the sun hit my face again I started shaking all my clothes and feet in fear that I would bring the infestation out with me. The worst part about all of this, or at least for me, was the thought that the week prior to me visiting the property the tenant had still been living here!!!


I understand that not everyone has a lot of money. Maybe I am not being politically correct by saying this but having a low income is not an excuse for being disgusting. Bleach can be picked up for a dollar at the dollar store and when you are not paying your rent I am sure you can find the dollar somewhere. If you keep your home crumb free and clean, your chance of having an infestation is greatly reduced. If you want extra protection you can hire a treatment company who will treat your property once a month for around $30 or you can choose quarterly for $45-$60 a quarter. On a budget you can also pick up your own roach bait traps, but be careful and read all the directions especially if you have small children or the family pet running loose around your property. Bottom line is keep clean and don’t let it get out of control by taking action at the first sign of a roach because they can reproduce quickly.

That is my most terrifying Roach story 🙂 I am sure this will not be the last time I will encounter roaches and it wasn’t the first (just the worst) but such is the life of a Real Estate Aficionado.

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