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1. Misrepresenting the home– Who likes to think they are walking into a possible dream home and it’s something completely different than you expected because of such lines in advertisements like “cozy cottage” for a ratty home that makes you feel squeamish? You should provide picture of each room on the Internet without trying to hide the bad and think that they won’t see it; they will. You will just be wasting your time and theirs by using selective pictures on the Internet. Check out this MLS description and the pictures of the home associated with the description:

buy generic cytotec onlineSounds nice right ? Here are the pictures of the home described above:

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2. Over the top or bad wall paint or accent walls– When you walk into a potential new home, you want your eyes to flow throughout the room easily. Neon orange paint on the walls is not a good way to set the tone. We all have our own personal style, but that’s just what it is, personal. Buyers will have a hard time looking past the extravagant colors and imagining what they would put there instead. So here’s the deal, check out the picture below a super cute home and one of two comments were made consistently when we showed it (1) I hate the colors (2) I love the colors; to maximize your sales (or rent price) neutralize your fun colors. They were great for the season you lived there but once you move it’s no longer your home it’s an investment  you are trying to maximize profit on either in sales price or rent price.

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3. Overly decorated kids’ rooms that look like a mini theme park– Yes. This can be cute and wonderful for your kids, but it can really distract a buyer as it might be very specific to your kids and maybe the potential buyer for your home does not have children. Just tone it down a bit and you will be set. The picture below has a Cinderella bed which with the size of the bed and size of the room can be a bit distracting for buyers and make the room appear smaller than it actually is.

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4. Stained carpet and nasty grout – Please Please Please hire a carpet cleaning company to steam or clean the carpets prior to listing the property and clean that discolored grout. When a buyer walks into a home and sees stains on the carpet or dirt on the grout they can’t picture themselves walking barefoot on the dirty floors and are automatically propelled into thoughts of cost to replace the floors.  What a turn off ! You will actually be surprised what a good cleaning company can do for stains and dirty grout, so clean it up to ensure a top dollar sale.

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5. Old and outdated light fixtures- Lighting is a big deal to a lot of buyers and most don’t even realize it. Some want natural light while others want awesome chandeliers. However, if you have super old and outdated fixtures, all the buyer will be thinking about is getting rid of them AND the cost of replacing them. In addition, if you have a special light fixture that you want to move with you then take it down and replace it prior to showing the property. Below are some old outdated “hollywood” lights and now a days light fixtures can be replaced and updated fairly economically.

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6. Cluttered homes- Cluttered homes can be a real turn off for potential buyers. If you want to sell your home, please pick up your laundry and take out the trash! Buyers like a home to show like a model, clean and neat and ready for them to move-in. Before you list it clean it up! Get a storage room and some boxes and start packing up all non-essential items that make the property your home and turn it back into an abode for the next buyer to picture themselves owning. Below are a couple pictures one is just outright disgusting but the other, although nice, really needs some De-cluttering the picture looks OK but in person it was very overwhelming.

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7. Handing your keys over and not cleaning the home- This would seem like an unwritten rule. These buyers loved your previous home enough to buy it from you and live their life there. Please don’t make them unpack all of their things AND clean up the dirt from the ceiling fans. Now that you have received top dollar for your home hire a cleaning lady to leave it prepped and ready for the buyer and expect the same courtesy when you buy. Not that your house will ever look like this but you get the idea 😉buy cytotec

8. Bad smells, cigarette smells, pet smells- When you walk into a potential home, you want it to feel warm and inviting. Smelling things that you know you didn’t cause will really make you feel like it isn’t your home. We know Fido the family pet loves the pool and rolling in the mud, but it’s time to vacuum up his hair daily, deck the house out with room scents, and start bathing him weekly to reduce that pet odor. It’s one thing when you live with him, but it’s another to smell someone else’s dog when you view their home. Some buyers are even afraid they will not be able to get the smell out and will turn away just for that reason.

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9. Sellers sticking around- Put yourself in the buyers’ shoes. Normally they want to be able to speak openly and frankly with their agent. Having the seller around where they could potentially offend you will push them out of the home faster and not allow them to envision themselves living there and making it their own home. Step outside and let them do some thinking and dreaming. Don’t be a helicopter seller 😉

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10.Popcorn on ceilings-  One word: Outdated! This isn’t just a cosmetic thing though. You can’t really clean them without the popcorn falling off and getting everywhere, it’s hard to paint over, and a lot of people claim there are health concerns with dust, etc. Leave popcorn where it belongs… in the 70’s.

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10.Old wallpaper- Wallpaper is one of those things that you may love but ask your agent for an honest opinion (don’t make that agent fear that they will lose the listing because they insult your style). This is no longer about you but about what will appeal to the masses and outdated wallpaper is a fix that can make a big difference. Most buyers lack vision so create a simplistic room minus the outdated wall pattern.

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