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So the best time of year to buy real estate is in the Winter months. Why ? It’s simple less competition means better prices for home buyers. Look at the below chart you can see in each county over the last 6 years that sales cycles tend to follow the same pattern. Increased sales from March until September.

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In the below chart you can see that during those same months March through September in 5 out of the last 6 years there has been a spike in sales prices versus list prices. Meaning that homes where selling for more than they were being listing for. So for buyers I would recommend purchasing between October and February if at all possible. For home Sellers, you should be listing your home between March and September. Of course all of these statistics are good but it doesn’t guarantee that the past will represent the future. However, purchasing a home should be considered making an investment and when investing your money you should research your investments and rely on the best information available which can be past indicators.

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