Buying a home is a exciting proposition 🙂 However, the process is a lot more frustrating than you might think. Especially in the crazy up, down and sideways Central Florida real estate market. There are floods of bank owned foreclosures and short sales still lingering out there for sale and when it’s not a bank owned property or short sale it might be a multiple offer situation. There are a lot of cash buyers out there snapping up real estate left and right and agents advising that their buyers offer exuberant amounts above and beyond the list price. Prices last year alone were up 30% to put that in perspective real estate over the last 50-75 years have averaged a 3% annual increase so 30% in one year is huge. When deciding to purchase a property it is best to understand the purchasing process (and believe me it’s nothing like you see on H.G.T.V……NOTHING) so you know what should happen, what might happen and how to react and prepare for certain scenarios.

I am a “pleaser” by nature, and therefore I find the best policy to make sure my clients are happy is to try to disclose and explain how the process will go and any potential problems that might occur before they happen so that my buyers and/or sellers can be prepared. So here I am going to provide you with some information that is vital to know when purchasing a home. When you are ready to buy you can contact me to set up an appointment and we can go over your specific situation and from there I will educate you on the specifics of the contract.