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Do’s and Don’ts of Color Choices

DO: Use the “in and neutral” Colors?

As a real estate agent, I see all sorts of homes with every kind of paint job. Homeowners tend to express themselves through their personal color choices. Those choices can range from everything to classic beige to neon yellow. Today gray is a trending neutral color added to most classy color schemes amongst homeowners. For a classic gray in a couple rental properties we have used the color Silver Tinsel (Behr #UL200-7).  This classic color looks great with dark tone woods and even better with white accents. Below are a couple pictures of rental properties where we used Silver Tinsel and as you can see it is a nice “true” gray. The problem when choosing a gray for your personal abode is the color tones (hues) that might come with the gray. Gray tends to have either a blue or a green hue depending on the shade so sometimes choosing a gray can be difficult.  What appears to be a nice light gray on a small swatch can end up being a shade of blue once you get it up on the walls. Swatches can be deceiving and so can the name of the color, so walk softly and carry a big stick when choosing a classic gray.

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Pasha Brown by Behr is also a great neutral beige/taupe if you are not into the gray tones but still want to stay neutral this is a great choice. Below is an example of Pasha Brown in the rental property, we accented with Varnished Ivory (Behr MQ3-40)on the ceiling and baseboards. To add some interest you can paint your ceilings and baseboards a color other than the traditional white and really make a statement.

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Below are a couple common colors we use as neutrals as displayed in the above pictures.  The color(s) you choose should be based on the flooring you have.  It should either complement or offset the floor color:

Silver Tinsel  (by Behr #UL200-7)

Shaker beige (by Benjamin Moore HC-45)

Pasha Brown (by Behr MQ2-51)

Varnished Ivory (by Behr MQ3-40)

DO: Repaint your fun Colors when you are ready to sell

A nice bold color choice is great when it’s your home and you are living in it.  Feel free to express yourself through your bold individualized choices. However, when you market your home for sale (or for rent) the bold personalized choices have to go, unless it doesn’t bother you that those choices will most likely devalue your home and reduce the sell-ability (and rent-ability) ultimately reducing the size of your pocketbook. We want to appeal to the largest pool of buyers possible so even though that purple and green was amazing while you were in the property it is not necessarily as attractive to others. So, break out your paint brush buy some paint with primer and get to painting.  Ask for advice from a decorator or real estate agent on the neutral color choice.

Here are some examples fun colors you should try to neutralize when selling your home.

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ATTENTION HARRY HOMEOWNERS: Do’s and Don’ts of Painting your own home

So you don’t want to hire a professional to paint.  That’s fine, but if you are going to do it yourself take your time and do it right.  Here are my painting pet peeves, and I can’t imagine they are not every homebuyer’s pet peeves as well:

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It is super annoying when I see electrical panels painted or even paint around the edges. The cover can be removed so that you don’t get paint on it keep it fresh and don’t paint the panel. Once you have painted the panel it is a lot more work to remove the paint than it would have been to just remove the panel to begin with.

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2. DON’T: Paint switches or outlets.

It can be really annoying when switches and outlets are painted as they begin to chip quickly and look worse than before, so beware. Painting the switches and outlets might give you temporary relief of that beige or yellowed color, but it will end up looking worse in the long run. See these examples below.

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So the local hardware store has great cheap paint for sale, oil based maybe?  STAY AWAY. An oil based interior paint or high gloss finish on the walls can be near impossible to cover up so if you decide to change the color it may take 2 or 3 coats of the best paint just to cover up the cheap paint that you got 50% off on Labor Day, so steer clear. This is hard to show in a photo, but in the picture below you can see the color below coming through the beige paint after two coats of expensive paint with primer paint.

4. DO : Fill nail holes and DO Texture

I see this all the time.  Homeowners or even some handymen or professional painters will fill in holes with spackle and then paint over it without first re-texturizing the walls making all the nail holes that were just filled glaringly obvious. To avoid this, use a simple can of texture (either orange peel or knock down whatever texture your walls currently are) from your local hardware store. Spraying texture is like an art so follow the directions on the can closely; they know what they are talking about.

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