BWWPink-OldHouseAt The Realty Factor we have worked on a different investment concept. Any old real estate agent can sell you any property out there. We are uniquely positioned with a team of Investment Advisors provided by Global Asset Management Group to not only find you a investment property but to find you the best investment property for your money. Depending on your situation that might mean finding a place that only needs minimal cleanup or it might mean completing a full rehab of a property. Either way we are positioned to take you from purchase to re-investing your dividends. Check out our company websites (see the buttons below to visit our company sites:)).





  • We search through the bank foreclosures, fixer-uppers, REO, distress sales and lis pendens to locate the highest potential ROI available. We run the properties through our proprietary algorithms to narrow down the best in class properties that meet or exceed our investment standards.
  • Our team of coordinators and contractors will work together to get your investment property to maximum return value. Whether it is just carpet and paint or extensive kitchen and bath remodels we handle the entire process for you. All while keeping your ROI in mind and saving you thousands through our bulk discounts with our Vendors.
  • Our Property Management team will work hard to keep your property occupied at all times and rented in less than 30 days is always our goal. Customer service is #1 as we don’t just want to be good we want to be the best. Our property managers are commission based; they do not get paid until they find a tenant for your property, creating more urgency for them. This places us on the same side of the table as you, right where we should be.
  • Reinvest your Dividends! You’ve heard the mantra. And it’s simple logic really. You will increase savings faster by not spending the interest you’ve made.
    #1 – Make money when your real estate appreciates in value.
    #2 – Make a positive cash flow.
    #3 – Reinvest that cash flow and let your money make you money.