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Some of my clients know my thoughts on bad real estate pictures on the internet. The information age has catapulted us into an age where dignity and self respect can sometimes be left behind and in my opinion these pictures show a lack of self respect on the sellers part and a lack of pride in the work of the real estate agent (but that’s just my opinion for what it’s worth).

As I am searching the MLS for different clients I save the most outrageous pictures so that my readers can have something to either (1) make them feel better about their current living situation or (2) help them, help themselves by not allowing pictures like this of their home to end up on the internet for everyone to see or (3) sheer entertainment value.

These are all 100% real pictures real estate agents have uploaded into the MLS to market a home!



Wow Nice Light Fixture.

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I guess I kinda get it… It’s a bathroom.

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I mean I like Photoshop too, but tone it back a bit…This is not a mock drawing this is a real existing kitchen

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I’m not sure what this picture tells you about the house or the property …. Maybe the chair comes free with the purchase ?

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I guess they really wanted to prove that they spelled the street name right ?

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Ok glasses didn’t help me on this one… perhaps the agent that posted this one forgot to use their glasses when they used this picture….hmmm

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We can tell 2 things about this photo (1) This is a bathroom and (2) A man was the last to use it.

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Peek-a-boo I see you.

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Great angle.

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What do you think the agent was thinking when they went out of their way to take a picture of the floors and post it ? Maybe something like “these floors are a big selling point… I should feature them.”

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Maybe it’s me but this sweet picture is not only blurry but it looks like it would be more of a craigslist picture to sell the bedspread than it would be used to showcase a bedroom.

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So that’s it for today but there will be more in the future. I hope you got a good laugh or at least some entertainment value (“shock” or “ah” or that “I can’t believe it” feeling).